Our Story

   11 Years of Roasting Delicious Nuts 

Since 2008, we offer the freshest and tastiest nuts in Quebec. Everything we make is hand roasted everyday by a master roaster who’s been in the field for 30 years!

Our store is fully equiped with roasting machines and a warehouse to assure the best quality ingredients. We have been serving customers locally and let me tell you, they are happy! Our store is called Distribution Mix Nuts, and we have customers all around Canada. 

Nuts Box started as an idea by a father and son and has been launched on the purpose of making try the best nuts to new people, which is why we strive to keep our prices the lowest possible for you, our dear customer, to enjoy them at the fullest. 

In 2018, we first decided to launch our website. Although it is not the same name as the store, our values and emotions remain the same. Delivering the best nuts possible. Whether your order is one pound or a thousand, our goal remain the same. We roast your nuts on the same day that you order, so you can receive the nuts at their prime taste.