Store Policy

Why us?

Since 2008, we offer the freshest and tastiest nuts in Quebec. Everything we make is hand roasted everyday by a master roaster who’s been in the field for 30 years!


The concept of nuts box is simple. You create your own nuts mix directly from our website and you will receive your mix every month.

At Nuts Box, we’re all about delivering the best nuts experience one could ever have. Once you start eating, the freshness and the tasty taste will be enough to conquer your heart and make you want more. We strive to offer the best quality and keeping your pocket happy!

Wholesale Inquiries

For any wholesale inquiries, contact us at We will gladly answer your questions and serve you with the best care possible. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

Your privacy is our number one priority. At nuts box, we care deeply about your safety and the privacy of your information. Our third-party banking systems are the safest on the market. Your information is safe with us. For any questions or inquiries, kindly contact us at